With their spiny, rooster-like dorsal fins, roosterfish are an unusual yet beautiful species that roam the shorelines within reach of Zihuatanejo, both to the north and south. Roosters are aggressive and brawling and a fun, strong fighting fish on either conventional or fly gear.

Roosters from five to a hundred pounds can be found along the shore lines, in and around rocks and in the waves chasing baitfish. They are usually fished at the edges of waves and/or near rocky areas.

Roosters can be caught with conventional gear by trolling lures or bait, usually at the edge of the wave lines. Casting a large popper with a spinning rod into towards shore and retrieving it back as fast as possible is often a successful strategy for these aggressive and hard fighting fish. The take on a popper is loud and splashy and the ensuing battle one to remember, especially with a 40 lb. plus fish.
The standard approach to roosters with fly gear is to tease them in, employing a spinning rod and popper without hooks. The teaser is retrieved fast with all eyes watching for a following roosterfish. When a chasing fish is spotted, the teaser is brought within casting distance of the boat, and the fly angler casts the fly to the roosterfish, with the fly taking the place of the teaser. Usually, the rooster attacks the fly and the hard fighting, exciting game is on!

Roosterfish patrol the inshore waters around Zihuatanejo year around but the best months for fishing for them are June through January when water temperatures are the warmest.


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