Zihuatanejo, a paradisiacal fishing port located on the southern coast of Mexico to the northwest of Acapulco, is a good choice for Fly Fishing including sailfish, marlin and dorado from deep sea and smaller species like skip jack, black tuna, jack cravel, Spanish mackerel, roosterfish and others near the shore

Fishing for sailfish is particularly exciting, using strong fly fishing equipment to support a sailfish, marlin or dorado of up to 60 lbs. This usually involves a #12 fly rod with a fly reel proportional to the rod, sufficient backing line of 600 yards and a floating line with at least a 100 lb leader connected to the fly.
Technique for Sailfish

1. The recommended technique for sailfish is trolling using a teaser at a a good working speed. (A teaser is a lure with bait but no hook). It’s recommended to use two teasers, one long and one short

2. Once the fish goes toward the teaser, lower the speed of the boat to the minimum and pull the teaser to attract the fish close to the boat.
3. When the fish is in position just behind the boat about a foot away, the fly fisherman throws the fly behind the fish giving the best angle for the fish to bite the fly.

4. Once the fish captures the fly, the rod should be in horizontal position pointing toward the fish. This is the moment to hook the fish with the hand holding the fly line.
It is recommended to not try to hook the fish with the rod as if it were a trout, since this movement takes the hook out of reach of the fish.
This technique works also for marlin and dorado.

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